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Get all six of my 'Guide' trainings (value = $1,032) for just $700!


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Yes, Add The Tripwire Training

Grab The Tripwire Training for $17 (normally $19) to get my quick and easy lowdown on when and how to incorporate tripwire products into your list building efforts so you can wake up to suprise money! Yay!

✔ 56 min comprehensive training
✔ Corresponding training notes and helpful links
✔ Handy checklist as you setup your first Tripwire product

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Due to the nature of this deal, this bundle is non-refundable.


"Thanks again for offering this! I loved the mini-training format too. Because not everything needs to be a super lengthy course, ya know?" - Sarah Anderson

"I love your no-nonsense, non-bullshit, down-to-earth approach. I also appreciate that you didn't waste a ton of time at the beginning naming every name and saying where everyone is from and blah, blah, blah. I tuned in about two minutes late and you were already into the CONTENT, which is what people are paying for. Very value-packed." - Alex Strauss

"You're just 'you' and so refreshingly honest and happy to go against the grain, which the rebel in me adores! Love your 'anything goes'/ 'there's no right way' attitude. It's so nice to hear from someone so accessible and 'normal'. Also, the fact you're not one of those out of reach 'gurus' who's earning millions and has a massive team. What you're doing and achieving is in reach, which makes what you're teaching more realistic!" - Emma Smith