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Comprehensive, but actionable 2 hour training

Voxer is a ‘trendy’ mobile and web app in the coaching space right now. It’s kinda like a walkie-talkie, and you can send voice and text messages to someone.

I’ve seen lots of people offer ‘Voxer access’, either on its own or as additional support for a 1:1 or group program. Heck, I’ve even paid a coach $2k for a month of Voxer access, twice!

Anyway, Voxer Access as it’s typically offered has 2 main downsides:

1. It’s positioned as ‘quick’ answers to questions, but usually people only check it once or twice a day, so the conversation can be too slow moving to be helpful.

2. It’s mostly on you to ask the questions and get out of it what you want to get out of it.

As a busy new mum of 2 (?!), I’ve had to massively change up how I’m offering coaching/strategy in my business. Calls are increasingly tricky. I don’t always have the emotional energy to hold space for clients in a longer term, ongoing way.

Enter my brainwave: I wonder what would happen if I offer a Day of Voxer?

Initially I trialled it for free with some willing guinea pigs.

The results were epic.

"I was shocked by how much we got to cover in a day using Voxer. I’m also always impressed with the questions you ask, as they got me to reflect on things I weren’t considering or asking for support with (but needed help with)."

"This is an amazing offer! The day of personal access to Lizzy was incredibly helpful. I went from being fuzzy, unfocused and with my brain spinning, to laser focused, with a clear plan of action. Being able to ask questions, and get answers right away was an important piece of this."

"I loved the Day of Voxer format. It was so beneficial to have you and your brain to drill down to the heart of things and offer a different perspective, as well as practical ways to approach a challenge. I also love that I can go back and re-listen to your answers. They serve as mini pep talks when I need ‘a dose of Lizzy’!"

"I really enjoyed the Day of Voxer format because I felt like I had time to think about things…and also the conversation could evolve over a time period – unlike a 60 minute coaching session."

So then I took it paid.

Just 2 months in and I’ve done loads of them and made almost $5,000. (Yes, still on beta pricing.. I’ll get to that…)

I’m obsessed with them, in a way I’ve never been all that into any other 1:1 coaching/strategy offer that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried everything!)

My Day of Voxer offer has been turning some heads.

Ooo, what’s that? How does it work? What are the logistics? I might want to offer those…

In this training I answer all those questions and set you up right from the get-go to start offering your own Days of Voxer. (Because, I’ll be honest, it’s taken a little trial and error to nail my process).

Here's what I covered in this in-depth training:

Why Day of Voxer is such a fantastic offer for you and your clients

How Day of Voxer differs to typical “Voxer access” you see offered

What topics they work great for, and those that aren’t so smooth

How to beta test your day and refine the process for you and your audience

How to prepare your clients so they make the most of their day

If you need the Voxer Pro plan or if you can get by on the free plan

What to put on the sales page

How to price your days, including beta/trial pricing

How many you can do simultaneously

How free/available you need to be on the day

How to steer the conversation back on track if it’s getting messy

How to handle other uncomfortable/awkward situations

How to ensure your clients have a fantastic, valuable experience

How to end the day neatly/cleanly without loads of follow up Qs spilling over

How to navigate different timezones

Recommended scheduling logistics

Real-life examples of how the day flows

How to maintain your boundaries with more pushy clients (after all, this isn’t a day-long call with you!)

How to offer them in conjunction with your other coaching/strategy offers

A bunch of ideas I’m considering for evolving the offer

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Voxer tutorials

AcuityScheduling & Dubsado setup tutorials

Access to the exact emails I send before a day so clients arrive prepared

Access to the exact email I send after the day

Access to my Day of Voxer feedback form

And you'll get...

Access to all future updates I make to this training!

The All-Important Details

What? Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer - a comprehensive 2 hour pre-recorded training on everything you need to start offering Days of Voxer successfully and profitably in your business.

How much? $197. You're almost definitely going to make your money back, and then some, with your very first couple of Day of Voxer sales!


What else? Wait, I’m going to need some bullets here:

All the deets on my simple but effective Day of Voxer offer

A 30 min Q&A sesh at the end of the training

Lifetime access to the video recording, audio, slides, and notes with helpful resources and links.

Exclusive access to the emails and feedback form I use for my Days of Voxer.

Access to any future additions/updates I make to this training.

Lifetime access to the Team EBG's Party Pad - that’s my private student Facebook group where I hold monthly Office Hours to cover all your Qs


What the hell is Voxer??

It's a free app that let's you exchange voice or text messages with someone else. There's a phone app or you can use it on desktop. It's kinda like WhatsApp, but you don't have to give out your phone number, and you can see when someone has read/heard your message.

Want to see for yourself? Let me show you! Download the app on your phone and add me (marchingstars). Say hi and I'll say hi back!

Also, if you're not super tech-savvy, don't stress. I'm including full tutorials when you sign up for Rock Your Day of Voxer Offer so you'll totally know what you're doing and not seem like a n00b in front of clients! It's super easy to use.

How does it work?

You get immediate access to the training recording, slides, tech tutorials, bonus resources and everything you need.

Can I try out a Day of Voxer with you for myself?

Yes! There's the option below to sign up for this training and grab a super discounted Day of Voxer with me. I'll email you within 24 hours for the code to book your day. The day is to be used within 3 months of the purchase date, but you can reschedule in that time if you need.

What sort of businesses is Day of Voxer good for?

Basically you need to be able to work through conversation and talking alone.

You'd need to be able to help someone in a conversation in a coffee shop with no phones or laptops nearby.

I think the model can be evolved to allow for other types of business (e.g. grocery shopping support), and I'll cover ideas I've had in the training, but that's what I've been successfully using it for so far.

So if you currently offer calls, I think it'll almost definitely work, unless you're legit looking at something or screensharing on those calls.

Happy to answer any Qs about specific situations/businesses!

What if I don’t learn anything new?

I won’t punish you for being awesome! If you feel like you didn’t learn anything new or useful for your business, let me know in 7 days from purchase and I’ll happily refund you.

Something else is playing on my mind.

Send me a message using the message box on the bottom right of this page, and let’s chat!

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Pre-order the Day of Voxer Sales Page Template!

Worried how to explain this Day of Voxer situation to your clients? Fear no more. I'm teaming up with my awesome copywriter, Fabi Nilsson, to create a plug-and-play sales page template that will do the heavy-lifting for you.

Pre-order the template for $47 and open some slots in your calendar: let's book out your new Day of Voxer service!

(The template will hit your inbox on 31st Jan)

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